American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Compressed Air & Gas Institute
cfm (cubic feet per minute)
Volumetric air flow rate
Constant Speed Control
A system in which the compressor is run continuously and matches air supply to air demand by varying compressor load.
Dew point
The temperature at which moisture in the air will begin to condense if the air is cooled at constant pressure. At this point, the relative humidity is 100 percent.
The removal of heat from air or gas between compressor stages.
An unintended loss of compressed air to ambient conditions.
Load/unload control
Control method that allows the compressor to run at full load or at no load while the driver remains at a constant speed.
Force per unit area, measured in pounds per square inch (psi).
Pressure drop
Loss of pressure in a compressed air system or component due to friction or restriction.
Standard cubic feet per minute
Start/stop control
A system in which air supply is matched to demand by the starting and stopping of the unit.
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